Gate Nº5, Wincolmlee, Hull


Gate no5 club in hull

Gate Nº5, Wincolmlee, Hull

Gate Nº5 is an exciting, intimate music & creative space hidden amidst the Wincolmlee industrial estate, against a backdrop of warehouses, chimneys and factories.

The venue has an indoor room and a large outdoor space, a total capacity of around 400.

It first opened in the summer of 2014 and is still enjoying sell-out Different Language parties.

Great news for 2018 – The team have recently announced their successful occupancy bid of the building for throughout 2018 and will reopen its green gates February 3rd.


Different Language invites one of the last of a rare group of Detroit’s first house DJs; Delano Smith, to man the turntables. Let’s start the year with a bang..

Where to find GateNo5